Wendilin Cromwell also known as Wendilin Artemis Lyra Cromwell was a witch of pure-blood Cromwell family and one of the most famous witches of modern era. She was the only child of Orlando Cromwell and Vega Cromwell (née Black) the former being the member of original Order of Phoenix. During her times of Hogwarts she became friends with Harry Potter and later had an open relationship with him which ended up in marriage.

Biographical Information

Born 7 October, 1980 London, England,

                                 Great Britain

Blood status Pure-blood

Marital status Married

Also known as

Gorgon Eyes (Few Hogwarts students) Beauty with Brains (Hogwarts students) Wendy (Family and close friends) Madame (House elves)

Titles Beater Quidditch Captain Head of Transfiguration Dept.

Physical information

Species Human

Gender Female

Height 5'7"

Hair colour Raven-black

Eye colour Bright brown

Skin colour Light

Magical characteristics

Bogart Giant serpent

Wand 13", Yew, thestral hair

Patronus Golden Eagle

Animagus Raven