Myra Selwyn
Biographical information

March 16, 1958

Blood status


Martial status


Physical information





5ft 7in

Hair colour

Straight, long, black

Eye colour

sky blue

Family information
Family members

Takeo Wakatsuki(husband), Kira Wakatsuki(son), Sakura Wakatsuki(daughter), Katherine Wakatsuki(daughter), Hannah Wakatsuki(daughter), Casimar Selwyn(father), Medea (Burke) Selwyn(mother), Thaddeus Selwyn(older brother) Ophelie Selwyn(sister-in-law) Viviane Selwyn(niece) Celeste Selwyn(niece) Seraphina (Selwyn) Nott(older sister) Zayden Nott(brother-in-law) Theodore Nott(nephew)

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Order of the Pheonix Auror Department

Myra Aquila Wakatsuki(nee Selwyn)(b. March 16 1958) is the youngest child of Medea (Burke) and Casimar Selwyn. She is the younger sister of Thaddeus and Seraphina Selwyn.  She was sorted into Ravenclaw house at Hogwarts

Early Life

Myra Selwyn was born March 16, 1958 to Casimar and Medea Selwyn. Her birth was a bit of a surprise to her parents as they had given up on the possibility of more children after the birth of her older sister thirteen years earlier. Her early life was rather lonely. The Selwyns treated their children as more of a thing for appearances sake. A way of passing on superior genes. Myra's upbringing was left mostly in the care of several nannies. She only really spent time with her parents at family dinners and parties with other elite families. She was expected along with her siblings to show every appearance of being a happy family. Early on Myra tried very hard to please her parents on these occasions, but eventually gave up around age nine. She became more and more inclined to sneak away into libraries to read or talk to the moving portraits.

Myra got along well with her siblings whenever they were home for they were home from school. They were allies in their time left alone. She loved listening to their stories about their friends and all the types of magic they learned. She was especially close with her brother Thaddeus, who could be persuaded to accompany her on her many excursions when he was home and taught her all about how to ride her first broom stick and such.


First Wizarding War

After the War

Second Wizarding War


Myra is a Caucasian witch that stands at about 5ft 7". She has a round face with close-set sky blue eyes. She has a pointed nose and bow-shaped lips. Her hair which is jet-black is long and falls to about her mid-back. She usually wears it long, but while on auror duties she usually wears it in a long braid.

As a young child she almost always dressed in with fashions that her parents picked out for her because they were the latest styles. After meeting her friend Katherine at Hogwarts though she starts hitting muggle thrift shops and buying things that she thinks look cool and throwing together outfits with that. Her style is quite often a mish-mash from different muggle eras and usually totally out current styles, but she enjoys it anyway.


Myra loves learning for learnings sake. She sees everything new to be learned as a way to improve upon herself. Things also need to be researched on all sides before she forms an opinion on something.

Although it doesn't really show on the surface, Myra tends to be more on the guarded side. She isn't really afraid of talking and getting to know people, but