"I was fighting a death eater when Nathan died,  I lost my wand...he was gonna save me but he wasn't strong's all my fault!" Justin to Jeremy about Nathan's death

Harry-Potter and The Deathly-Hallows-Justin

Justin Macentosh

Biographical Information

Born: April 27, 1978

Blood Status: Muggle-Born

Status: Alive

Maritial Status: Married

Also known as: Jus (by Ryli Macentosh)

Pet: Nala (Cat)

Physical Information

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Height: 6'0

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Blue

Skin: Light


Mrs. Macentosh (mother 👼)

Mr. Macentosh (father 👼)

Jeremy Macentosh (triplet)

Nathan Macentosh (triplet 👼)

Ryli Macentosh (sister 👼)

Anna Johanson(wife)

Sophia Macentosh (daughter)

Olivia Macentosh (daughter)

Willow Macentosh (Niece)

Nymphadora Tonks (Sister in-law)