Hector Crowley
Hector Crowley
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12 January 1960

Blood status

Half-blood or Muggle

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Detective Constable

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Hair colour

Light Brown

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Hector Crowley (b. 12 January, 1960) was a muggle and the twin brother of Athene. He was the child of Zephrine (neé Alscher) and Fergal Crowley. 


Early Life

He was born in South-West London in 1960 to his muggle father and squib father. Like his parents, he did not possess magic and was astonished and jealous of his twin sister who did. When they were young Hector used to bully his sister, teasing her appearance, pulling her hair and 


His grandfather, Rayborn Alscher, was killed in late spring. Despite not being as close to his maternal grandparents as Athene was, the loss hit him deeply, especially after learning that he was murdered. This prompted Hector to chose a police path in the future.

First Wizarding War

Hector was training at the Police Academy when he learned of his sister's abduction. His inability to help find her left him feeling frustrated and useless. He initially blamed Regulus Black for what was happening to his sister, believing him responsible for her kidnapping. After Athene successfully escaped he was relieved and offered to take a break from the Academy in order to spend more time with her as she recovered.

Later Life

Hector married a muggle by the name of Valerie (neé ) and had one daughter, Cassandra, which, much to his astonishment, turned out to be a witch. He requested that his sister help integrate the girl into the magical society, after much debate and argument over the subject. A part of him still fearing the magical society in which he felt powerless after what happened to Athene.

Second Wizarding War

All of Hector's nightmares came true after learning of Voldemort's revival. This caused him to promptly wish to move his family out of the country. A task which was prevented by his daughter who refused to leave Hogwarts and her friends behind.