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This wikia is dedicated to recording all of your original Harry Potter characters. Magical or not all characters which were created to belong to the Harry Potter world are welcome. Here you can share, receive or request criticism in order to improve your character or help someone else with theirs :)
Are you someone who wondered how it would be to insert your own character into the series and image how that would impact the plot? Someone that enjoys drawing art for your OC but are struggling to flesh out their stories? Someone who writes fanfiction?Then this is the wikia for you XD Come, join us and let us embrace our inner nerdiness :D


  • Please be polite to other users. Do not be purposefully insulting or hurtful. Failure to comply could lead to your IP being banned.
  • You do not need permission to create a page and can create as many as you wish.
    • However, any articles that promote a webcast, website, zine, blog, or the like, will be deleted. The creator of such an article may be blocked or banned at the discretion of the administrative team.
  • Plese do not create pages which contain purely canon information. (For example create a page about an already existing spell with the information we already know
  • All pages must contain an infobox all the information you would need is here Infobox Instructions. I am no expert but if you want help you can leave a message on my Message Page and I will endeavour to help.
  • You can create a page for any part of the Harry Potter world that you wish to go along with your character: spells, potions, magical creatures, locations etc. However they must be properly categorised to make it easier for site maintenance. Unnecessary categories will be removed.
    • All incomplete pages should be labelled with the DRAFT category and an identifying category: Biography, Spell, Potion, Creature, Location.
    • If you have added all the information to your page please change it from DRAFT to FINAL
    • Please keep any other additional categories relevant so; examples could include: Gender (if applicable), House, School (Ilvermorny, Hogwarts, Mahoutokoro, etc Only for canon schools), Dark Magic, Offensive-spell, Defensive-spell, Healing, Hex, Jinx, etc. Do not include categories such as: eye-color or random words please.
      If you believe you should add a different or additional category you can message me.
  • No Marry/Garry-sue/stue(s). If your character happens to be one of them you could expect to receive negative feedback. (That does not mean you can go around insulting said characters. Instead, if you feel the need to comment on them do so in a constructive way that will help the author improve)
  • You can edit any of the pages present. However, do not change the information or write things that shouldn't be there. This is considered article vandalism and can get your IP banned.
    • If the user specifies in their pages that they do not wish others to edit their page please respect that.
  • Fanart/Fanfiction external links and embedded pictures are allowed, as long as they are original or have proper citations.
    • You cannot use other people's fanart and claim it as your own.
    • Recoloured or edited fanart without the original artist's permission will be removed. Please respect the artist's rights and work.
    • You may use images or screenshots from the movies as well as official art (such as that found on Pottermore) But you may not claim it as your own and you must mention their source in the reference section of your page.
    • If you cannot find the link to credit the original author / artist (this includes existing (fan)art of a character that you modeled yours after, or existing (fan)art of a character that happens to look just like yours, and yes this entails mainstream sources, #chan imageboards, Japanese websites, Quizilla spaces, and photobucket galleries), you cannot use the writing / art on your page.

Daily Prophet

  • Suggestion for monthly quotes are accepted! Submit them to the Headmistress ;)

Mewrlise (talk) 13:07, September 15, 2016 (UTC)

  • A set of images for Canon characters has been uploaded under the Canon Character category. If any of you need an image of one, say for the relationship section, then please check out those images first before submitting one. Just in case you want to submitt the exact same image. If it is a new one or of a character whose picture is not there yet them please do add the image. All I ask is that you also put it under the same category >.<

Thank you and have fun editing! Mewrlise (talk) 16:58, September 28, 2016 (UTC)

  • Happy New Year Darlings! Mewrlise (talk) 15:05, December 31, 2016 (UTC)
  • Anyone might submit a charater reccomendation to feture on the title page if they wish! Mewrlise (talk) 00:17, July 7, 2018 (UTC)


Are here to help you whenever you have a question or a problem that you can't seem to figure out how to solve. Some may appear unapproachable but I promise you they are all nice and more than happy to help. Though, if need be they can also assign punishments:

Headmistress: Mewrlise
House: Slytherin
Message: Don't fret, I do not bite. Just pop over and leave me a message, I will respond once I see it :D

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