Asteria Ankaa Black
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28 October 1980

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Dark Brown

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Dark Grey

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13", Elm, dragon heartstring


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Asteria Ankaa Black (b.28, October 1980) was a half-blood witch and eldest child of Regulus and Athene Black. She grew up close with her second cousin Draco, Luna Lovegood and Harry Potter, the three spending ample time together due to the relationship between their parents.

She attended Hogwarts from 1992 to 1999 and was sorted into Ravenclaw house alongside her best friends Luna Lovegood and Diana Alscher. In her third year she joined the Ravenclaw Quidditch team as a Chaser, playing in matches against her cousin Draco, Harry and her younger sister Astra. She was chosen as a Prefect in her fifth year and made Head Girl in her final year at Hogwarts. During her sixth year she was present at the final battle of the Second Wizarding War, fighting alongside the Weasley twins' side.

At some point after graduating from Hogwarts she went on a world trip with Luna; upon returning she settled down alongside Theodore Nott.


Early Life


Hogwarts Years (1992-1999)

Second Wizarding War

Later Life

Physical description

"She kept her hair neatly in a ponytail but could do nothing about her eyes, which seemed to be preternaturally half lidded, giving off the impression that she was keeping a secret."
—Harry's description of Asteria

Asteria was described as possessing the "arrogant good looks" the Black family were known for. However, she was also the one to resemble her mother the most out of all her siblings. Tall, willowy, with her mother's long, dark hair and nose, she nonetheless inherited her father's eyes framed by thick eyelashes, lighter skin colouring, slightly curled hair and bone structure.

Despite her good looks, George Weasley has jokingly claimed that she looks to have eaten something sour whenever she berates somebody due to the way her lips thin and her brow creases. While Hermione Granger said Asteria gives the impression of looking down on people from her habit of smirking.

She has a 'neat' appearance, always seen wearing the uniform in the proper way, and her fashion sense was "in contrast to Luna's." However, it didn't seem like she was opposed to wearing more bizarre pieces of jewellery as she is often seen wearing odd earrings or necklaces gifted to her by Luna.

Personality and traits

Asteria had a very blunt personality, stating her opinions often before thinking, therefore coming off as being rude and snobbish despite not meaning any ill by her comments. She was described as somewhat awkward when it came to expressing her feelings. As seen when she didn't know hoe to speak with Draco about his father or share things with her mother, too afraid of disappointing the latter who she looked up to.

From a young age Asteria aspired to be like her mother but claimed to lack the self-confidence needed. In fact, her opinion of Athene was so high that her uncle, Sirius, and father, Regulus, commented that her high regard of the witch prevented her from seeing the human side of Athene.

Ironically Asteria did, however, look down upon people who had a high opinion of themselves if she thought it unearned or obnoxious, often reprimand her cousin Draco in private if she caught him acting like that. Asteria also had seemed to not be very patient, especially when dealing with people who she considered to be 'blithering idiots.' A trait she seemed to have in common with her godfather, Severus, with whom she had a close relationship. It does, however, come as a surprise, considering that potion making requires patience, which would suggest that she just has a low tolerance when dealing with people, rather than a general lack of impatience.

Despite this, Asteria was a caring person who got genuinely worried about her friends and family and was willing, when the need arose, to stand up and fight by their side. In spite of claiming to be a coward she went with Harry and the others to the department of Mysteries when she realised her protests fell on deaf ears and stood up against her aunt, Bellatrix. She stood by Harry's side during her fist year after he accidentally revealed his ability to speak with snakes, refusing to allow him to face the accusing stares and whispers of their peers, even though this made her a target of them as well. She did the same thing during her fifth and sixth year, when she stood by Draco, even when he did not want it. Her best friends were her cousin Diana Alscher and Luna Lovegood, whom she grew up with and shared a dorm.

She was sorted into Ravenclaw, in spite of the fact that, traditionally, everyone in her family, barring Sirius, were sorted into Slytherin. Which would suggest that she was less concerned with personal ambition as she was preoccupied with intellectual pursuit. A trait shown by how serious she took her exams, receiving top marks and typically competing with Hermione for the top student position.

Asteria was also able to quickly think on the spot, able to come up with excuses for why Draco and her were found whispering at night while everyone else was in their common room; However, on more than one occasion, she demonstrated that some Slytherin existed in her as well; such as when she threatens Dolores Umbridge, using her name and parentage when the woman attempted to force one of the younger students to attend detention.

"You are more like your mother than you realise,""
—Regulus' opinion of Asteria's personality

Despite not believing it herself, Asteria was told by her father and Remus that she reminds them of Athene in more than appearance. By standing up to bullies, her loved ones if she thought it for the best and her willingness to understand people's reasonings, similarly to her mother.

Magical abilities and skills

  • Defence Against the Dark Arts: Asteria was skilled in DADA, receiving an Outstanding in both her O.W.L and N.E.W.T in the subject. She was also able to form her own defence club, much like Harry and his friends, where she taught, to the best of her ability, other students how to properly defend. She was also able to produce a full corporeal patronus, a sign of advanced magic.



Athene Black (née Crowley)

Athene Medora Crowley headshot

Athene, her mother

" can you do it? Aren't you afraid?"

Asteria's surprise when her mother decided to go inside the chamber of secrets

Asteria has been described as looking up to her mother and respecting her above all others. She grew hearing about her mother's deeds during the First Wizarding War and stood witness to many family members of the people she helped thanking her during the Second. It was noted that Asteria wished to grow up into a great with like her but did not think it possible for herself. She noted that they were too different for that to be the case, claiming that she was not brave like her, despite the woman's protests.

The two, despite this, seem to have a close bond, with Athene often being the person she goes to for help. Although it was seen that she also finds it difficult to share things with her mother for fear of not living up to her expectations.

Regulus Black


Regulus, her father

"Of course you can meet up with him; after he and I have a chat of course,"

Regulus' overprotective nature

Asteria had a close relationship with her father growing up. He was the one she went to when she thought or found, speaking with her mother too difficult. As his first born and a girl, Asteria was rather spoiled by her father, who displayed an overprotective streak when it came to his children. Nevertheless, she trusted Regulus implicitly, often choosing to listen to him even if she did not understand or thought it unwise. Never believing for a moment that her father would put her in harm's way.

Though she did find his overprotectiveness rather overbearing at times and would seek out her Athene to talk with him. He is also the only one to constantly use her middle name, 'Ankaa' when speaking to her, suggesting a strong bond.

Malfoy Family

Weasley Family

Luna Lovegood

Harry Potter

Hermione Granger


  • Members of the Black family and their history seem to have made a tradition of naming their children after stars and constellations. Asteria's second name 'Ankaa' is the traditional name of the brightest star in the Phoenix constellation.
  • It was revealed that her mother also chose this name as a tribute to Fawkes, Dumbledore's phoenix, who helped save her life in her fifth year after her encounter with a transformed Remus. Hoping that it will act as a good luck charm, protecting her from harm.
  • The name 'Asteria' originates from Greek and was attributed in mythology to the daughter of Coeus and Phoebe and the goddess of stars. The name can be taken as both a reference to the Black family's tradition of naming their children after stars and constellations as well as a one to her mother's name, Athene, which is an alternate spelling of the Ancient Greek goddess of war and wisdom.


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